Adding a fitness routine to your day doesn’t mean you have to join an expensive gym or buy a lot of costly exercise equipment. There’s plenty you can do in your own home with a minimum of effort and expense. If you have any concerns about starting a fitness routine, consult your Kinwell team. Reach them through MyChart or call 833-411-5469 to schedule an appointment.

The Cleveland Clinic has a variety of tips on creating a home gym. Here are a few:

Carve out a space

Even in a studio apartment, there is probably an area large enough to lie on the floor and spread your arms wide. That’s really all the space you need.


As far as equipment goes, look for options that add to your comfort and can be used for a variety of exercises. A good yoga mat can cushion your back and knees. Hand weights and a resistance band can be incorporated into many exercises and stretches. Don’t forget a radio or streaming device to play your favorite tunes.


Start by stretching. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Touch your toes. Spread your arms wide and turn to either direction. Try some yoga. Don’t rush it. The idea is to make sure you can move comfortably in the space you have cleared. Try these stretches to increase flexibility.


Exercise is really about strengthening your most important muscle: your heart. If you have the space, a stationary bike is a great way to get the heart pumping. If you already have a bicycle, consider a training stand so you can use it inside. No room for a bike? Consider jumping jacks, squats, and yoga.


It might seem challenging to build muscle mass without the benefits of gym equipment, but it can be done. You can get a good workout with a mat, an app, and your own body weight. After all, strength training is about resistance and your body provides that every day. Push-ups and sit-ups make use of this convenient load. Other alternatives to weights are a large container of water or cinder blocks. A pull-up bar can be installed in the door frame of a closet. Get creative, but stay safe in devising your load.

Most people can find a place to start their fitness routine within the space they already have. It just takes a little creativity. The important thing is to get started. Search the internet for more tips. Check out exercise books or videos from the local library. If space is tight, consider working out in the nearest park when the weather cooperates. Don’t let supplies, or lack thereof, hold you back.