Many people spend most of their day sitting. Sitting in the car during the morning commute. Sitting at a desk for work. Sitting on the couch to watch TV. A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that the average person spends over 9 waking hours a day sedentary. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine notes this lack of activity can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as cause back and joint pain.

Occasional workouts at the gym aren’t enough to offset inactivity. The first step to a more active and healthy life is to simply spend less time sitting and more time doing something—anything. Here are a few tips to a more active lifestyle:

Stand up

At least once an hour, give your body a break from sitting. Stand up, take a walk around the house, or go to the park or the break room. Motion-tracking apps can remind you to move around regularly and count your steps. Get creative with an hourly rationale to get out of the chair

Change your commute

Consider different ways to commute. Taking the bus is an opportunity to stand. Riding a bike is a chance to pedal. If you work from home, pretend you’re commuting and take a lap around the block before and after work.

Move while seated

Use a resistance band or do low-impact exercises that can even be done when seated. Swapping the chair for a stability ball can activate your core. A standing/sitting desk can enable you to stand several times a day.

Active calling

When on the phone, use the time to stand and pace.

Adopting more movement into your daily life is just the first step to better fitness. Consult your Kinwell team before embarking on an ambitious workout routine. They can advise you how to start and may recommend physical therapy or the help of a lifestyle coach to manage your progress. Set up an appointment through MyChart or by calling 833-411-5469.