Good health is a reflection of the smart choices we make every day. Eating nutritious foods and getting some exercise may seem like small decisions, but they can have a big impact on overall well-being. Kinwell clinicians understand the importance of developing healthy habits. That’s why we offer the services of a health coach at no charge to established patients.

A health coach works with clinicians and patients to set goals and develop plans to reach them. For example, a patient who learns they are pre-diabetic may work with a health coach to adjust their diet. Kinwell’s health coach, Heidi Beer, is a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBCHWC) and also certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. For over 30 years, she has helped patients find their healthiest routine.

Kinwell Health Coach Heidi Beer

“Health coaching is an additional service we provide between visits to your clinician,” Beer said. “I see patients across the state, primarily online, and work with them on changes they can make for their health. The first couple sessions are just to work on a plan. When it comes to our health and wellness, most of us don’t create plans, but it’s important to clarify goals. What aspects of your health do you want to improve and what does that mean to you?”

Every patient’s plan is different. Some are ready to make significant changes to their diet or fitness, or work to quit smoking or drink less. Others want to make simple changes that grow more substantial over time. Each plan has a beginning, middle, and end with Heidi meeting with patients every week or month depending on their needs.

“Some patients need a meeting every week to check in,” Heidi noted. “Others are more hands-off and are comfortable with 2-3 weeks between check-ins. I let them figure out what that cadence is. It’s driven by you. I don’t tell you what to do. We brainstorm and discuss goals and then start small and grow bigger. That’s what behavior change is…breaking down change into small steps so it doesn’t feel insurmountable.”

Often patients work on consecutive plans, dealing with nutrition or exercise to start, then shifting to issues like stress or sleep. For more information on the benefits of a health coach, call 833-411-5469 or reach your Kinwell clinician through your MyChart app.